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Lawn Aerating For Your Tallahassee Grass

Lawn aerating

For all your lawn aerating needs in Tallahassee, Extreme Pros Outdoor Services has got you covered.

When we first launched our business, we made it our mission to deliver unbelievable lawn care in Tallahassee, and if you ask our current clients, we think they'd agree that we've succeeded. People love coming to us because of our experience in the industry, our attention to detail, our commitment to ensuring their satisfaction, and our dedication to delivering the best results. Whether it's lawn mowing or weed control, or anything in between, we're sure we're the lawn care specialists who can help you out.

Lawn aerating is the act of punching holes into your lawn so that the grass can grow thicker and healthier. These holes allow your lawn to get more oxygen while also improving soil drainage. You'll mostly find lawn aerating done on compacted soil, but it can benefit virtually any kind of landscape. Whether you have a small, one-room ranch, or a large, sprawling estate, then you can definitely take advantage of our lawn aerating services.

Lawn aerating isn't simply just poking holes in the lawn. There's a science behind it, which we go into below. Keep reading to learn more about lawn aerating and our services, and if you'd like to find out about how we can help you, then give us a call.

What Is Core Aeration?

When it comes to lawn aerating, there are many aspects of it, but one important feature is a process called core aeration. Core aeration is designed to provide the root zone of your grass with better access to air, water, and fertilizer. Because of core aeration, your grass will get all the essential nutrients and resources it needs to grow thick and healthy.

Want to find out more about aeration for lawns and how we can help you with your lawn aerating needs? Then don't wait. Reach out to us at Extreme Pros Outdoor Services today and speak with a lawn care professional. No matter what your questions or concerns, we'll gladly help you out.

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